Shaking things app – how smartphones revolutionised Nigerian music

Boiler Room’s recent broadcast from Nigeria – which we’re revisiting on Guardian Music today – broke new ground. It was the first time a show had been live-streamed from a Lagos nightclub to the world. With the club’s own Wi-Fi connection offering a flickering, untrustworthy signal, the stream was facilitated by chaining multiple mobile sim […]

How a Brexit bounce has helped give the Daily Express a digital future

A short time ago it would have been preposterous to suggest that Northern & Shell, publishers of the Daily Express and Daily Star, had anything to teach Mail Online and other digital news brands. Known for its ageing audience, clunky websites and the open hostility to digital publishing of its owner Richard “BuzzFeeds, SchmuzzFeeds” Desmond, […]

How 3 publishers are using Instagram stories for visually compelling storytelling

The announcement of Instagram Stories last Tuesday came with mixed reviews, many considering it a blatant ripoff of Snapchat. Allowing users to share real-time life updates, news media have a new opportunity to report from the field while also giving a behind-the-scenes glimpse of life at the publication. Snapchat and Instagram Stories differ as far […]

How The New York Times used its archives to make the past a (virtual) reality

Almost every newspaper has a morgue, the occasionally subterranean (and sometimes water-damaged) final resting place for old photos, clippings and other records collected by the newsroom. Sometimes, a picture is exhumed for historical purposes, or a clipping is resurrected to help a reporter pick up the threads of an old story. For the most part, […]

An interview with The New York Times about ‘Watching’ their new TV recommendations site

The New York Times has assembled an impressive team called NYT Beta that has launched popular products like NYT Now, a curated news app built for the Twitter generation. Their latest launched is called “Watching,” a TV and film recommendations site. The platform(which currently has a waitlist for its beta) has been described by the […]