#NYCML16 Preview: Virtual and Augmented Reality

Across New York City’s universities, in the offices of media and technology companies and in startup incubators, there is enormous enthusiasm and experimentation in virtual and augmented reality. NYC Media Lab’s Summit, #NYCML16, taking place on September 22nd, 2016 at Columbia University’s Alfred Lerner Hall, will host several discussions, workshops and demonstrations of new technologies, […]

An Artist’s Augmented Reality App Reveals Virtual Art across Miami, and Incites Imagination

Imagine if art could appear out of nowhere—as murals in motion on brick walls, free-form phrases sprawled across the sky, or psychedelic sounds streaming through your earbuds. Artist Ivan Toth Depeña has designed an augmented reality app that does just that. Depeña describes his app, called Lapse (2016), as a “decoder or magnifying glass that […]

How The New York Times used its archives to make the past a (virtual) reality

Almost every newspaper has a morgue, the occasionally subterranean (and sometimes water-damaged) final resting place for old photos, clippings and other records collected by the newsroom. Sometimes, a picture is exhumed for historical purposes, or a clipping is resurrected to help a reporter pick up the threads of an old story. For the most part, […]


Given the explosion of interest in virtual reality among media organizations, we sought in January to establish best practices and ideal scenarios for using the technology in storytelling through our inaugural immersive journalism class at Stanford University. During the 10-week course, 12 undergraduate and graduate students evaluated a range of virtual reality experiences published by […]

Virtual reality’s future in journalism

The use of virtual reality in media storytelling is getting a lot of attention – especially in Stanford’s journalism program. Instructors GERI MIGIELICZ and JANINE ZACHARIA recently taught a course – Immersive Journalism – for 12 undergraduate and graduate students. During the 10-week class, they examined virtual reality (VR) stories and packages published by the New York Times, Wall […]

8 reasons why journalists should use data to improve their stories

ICFJ Knight Fellow Catherine Gicheru recently spoke with a group of journalism students in Nairobi about using data to improve news stories. Gicheru, an award-winning investigative journalist and former editor of Kenya’s fastest growing newspaper, The Star, is leading efforts to expand the use of data by Kenyan newsrooms. Here are a few tips and insights […]