Facebook tweaks News Feed to favor ‘personally informative’ stories

Facebook’s ever-changing News Feed got yet another update Thursday when the social network announced it’s changing the algorithm to favor “personally informative stories.” On the heels of changes that smothered clickbait and emphasized posts from friends and family, Facebook said it’s created a “new ranking signal” that will evaluate feedback from users to determine if […]

Why ASU is Partnering With Google News Lab to Train the Next Generation

Google is taking its news and storytelling straight to the next generation, starting with Arizona State University’s Cronkite School. For the team at Google News Lab, which has trained some 40,000 professional journalists on its suite of tools (Google Fusion Tables, Google Analytics and Google Trends among them) in the last two years, the Cronkite […]

Europe plans news levy on search engines

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Facebook is eating the world

SOMETHING REALLY DRAMATIC is happening to our media landscape, the public sphere, and our journalism industry, almost without us noticing and certainly without the level of public examination and debate it deserves. Our news ecosystem has changed more dramatically in the past five years than perhaps at any time in the past five hundred. We […]

Facebook says humans won’t write its trending topic descriptions anymore

It has been more than three months since Gizmodo first published a story claiming Facebook’s human editors were suppressing conservative news content on the site’s Trending Topics section. Facebook vehemently denied the report, but has been dealing with the story’s aftermath ever since. On Friday, Facebook announced another small but notable change to Trending Topics: […]