Micropayments won’t save journalism

Given the carnage in digital display advertising it’s not surprising that a seemingly successful ‘Reader Pays’ model is creating a lot of excitement in the publishing press. Blendle, a Dutch start-up that enables readers to pay for journalism one article at a time, announced that it has registered 1 million users globally. The subscription-free, ad-free […]

An Artist’s Augmented Reality App Reveals Virtual Art across Miami, and Incites Imagination

Imagine if art could appear out of nowhere—as murals in motion on brick walls, free-form phrases sprawled across the sky, or psychedelic sounds streaming through your earbuds. Artist Ivan Toth Depeña has designed an augmented reality app that does just that. Depeña describes his app, called Lapse (2016), as a “decoder or magnifying glass that […]

Inspiring storytelling from around the world

From Ecuador to Armenia to Kyrgyzstan: these are some of the most innovative storytelling projects that you may have not heard of. Gathered by Maria Teresa Ronderos, Director of the Program on Independent Journalism at the Open Society Foundations, to emphasize “the fundamental role of independent journalism in creating and maintaining healthy, democratic societies.” Probably most people sort of […]

Facebook tweaks News Feed to favor ‘personally informative’ stories

Facebook’s ever-changing News Feed got yet another update Thursday when the social network announced it’s changing the algorithm to favor “personally informative stories.” On the heels of changes that smothered clickbait and emphasized posts from friends and family, Facebook said it’s created a “new ranking signal” that will evaluate feedback from users to determine if […]

How 3 publishers are using Instagram stories for visually compelling storytelling

The announcement of Instagram Stories last Tuesday came with mixed reviews, many considering it a blatant ripoff of Snapchat. Allowing users to share real-time life updates, news media have a new opportunity to report from the field while also giving a behind-the-scenes glimpse of life at the publication. Snapchat and Instagram Stories differ as far […]